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An Immerse Program Master of Divinity (MDiv)
Northview Community Church

What is Immerse?

Immerse is a Master of Divinity program through Northwest Baptist Seminary (part of the ACTS consortium at TWU) that focuses on context-based learning. See their website for more information on this model of education.

The context of ministry provides the environment for the learning. Students develop the knowledge, skill, and character required to be servant-leaders for the Body of Christ. With three mentors and the goal of ‘observed mastery’, students are equipped for ministry.

  • Mentors: Three with each student (Pastoral, Academic, Network)
  • Mastery Model: Students are coached toward ‘observed mastery’ of the 27 MLO’s (Ministry Leadership Outcomes) in knowledge, character, and skill.

The progression and integration of the learning can be seen in the acronym: L E A D

  • L – Learn about (knowledge)
  • E – Embrace with the heart (character)
  • A – Apply in life (skill in general)
  • D – Disciple others (skill in serving and leading others) è Mastery Observed

Being context-based, Northwest Baptist Seminary works with other institutions and churches to develop versions of the Immerse Model that are more specifically tailored to the needs of those groups. Northview is one such church developing a version of Immerse under Northwest Baptist Seminary. And, as a church in the CCMBC Conference (Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches), Northview is being assisted by MBBS (Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary) in the process.

What additionally will a Northview Immerse Version emphasize?

  • Biblical Languages: Students will develop proficiency in engaging Greek and Hebrew, utilizing current tools, in order to better understand and apply the Scriptures.
  • Micro-Courses: Most MLO’s will include a 7-week class, meeting one day per week. While shorter than a traditional semester, these courses will be a catalyst for learning among peers and from a seasoned instructor.
  • Being ‘Apt to Teach’: Since Scripture is vital for the health of the Body of Christ, a unifying competency will be communicating God’s Word for God’s world with knowledge, character, and skill.
  • Two Tracks: Immerse Students and Immerse Interns.
    • Immerse Students will benefit from the full range of the program’s education and experience as they serve directly within a church context. Tuition will be comparable with other MDiv programs at ACTS.
    • Immerse Interns will also serve in an advanced, 3-year internship at Northview, receive a small stipend, and have their education paid for.
  • Projected Beginning: September 2016

For further information about Northview’s Immerse Program, please contact Kyle Meeker at kmeeker@northview.org